Code of conduct

Dundee Sporting Club

Code of Conduct


RESPECT match officials, coaches, your team-mates, your opponents, club strips, training equipment.



·  No bad language.

·    No bullying. 

·    No punching, kicking, hitting.

·    No Name-calling or teasing.

·    No bullying on Facebook or other internet sites.

·    Be on your best behavior for club activities.

·    Bad behavior will give you a red card and you may be banned from playing for one week.

·    Continual bad behavior means we will have to have a meeting with your parents.


TIME-KEEPING - Don’t be late for training or games.





1.      Tell your child’s coach of any medical condition or injury sustained before club activities.

2.      Appropriate footwear and shin-pads must be worn at every training session or game.  If your child does not, they may not be allowed to train/play the game.

3.      As a parent of a player, you are responsible for the behavior of any family member or friend who has come along to training or game.  Please ensure that they also follow the rules below.

4.      Please remember that everyone involved in youth football is a volunteer and gives up their time for free to ensure that your child gets the best possible experience.

5.      Foul or abusive language directed to an official, player or spectator will result in you being asked to step away from the pitch side.

6.      Continual foul or abusive language will result in you being banned from the pitch and you will be asked to attend a meeting with the committee.

7.      You are responsible for ensuring that your child gets to and from training, game or event in plenty of time. Safety of your child is paramount and we do not allow players to turn up or leave without an adult.

8.      All coaches implement a coaching strategy which has been agreed with the SFA to ensure that your child develops in a safe positive environment. For this reason we ask that you do not coach your child from the sidelines.

9.      Most of the youth clubs including Dundee Sporting Club employ positive coaching methods. We ask that you do not criticise your child but encourage them at every opportunity. This will allow them to flourish and develop at a faster rate.  For more information on how you can be a positive parent, ask your coach for a Positive Coaching leaflet (if available) or go to the SFA website (

10.  Always encourage and applaud good play from both sides.

11.  The officials are volunteers and unlikely to be qualified referees.  Please do not question their decisions if you disagree with them.  We make sure that the players do not question their decision and all clubs are doing their best to eradicate this behavior.

12.  It is your responsibility to make the manager or coaching staff are aware of any recent injury prior to a game.

13.  If your child will be late or absent from any game or training session you should inform the manager as soon as possible.